Fans have been waiting since Westworld Season 1 for details on the other parks. And while Season 2 has yet to make a formal trip to the samurai-themed “Shogun World,” Sunday’s “Virtù e Fortuna” introduced us to yet a third world. Enter “The Raj.”

You’re warned of full spoilers for Sunday’s latest Westworld, but “Virtù e Fortuna” made good on the premiere tease of a Bengal tiger washing up on distant shores. The episode’s opening minutes took us to the apparent sixth park; a period hunting park of Colonial Indian design. The park wasn’t named in the cold open, which saw an unnamed woman (Katja Herbers) beginning an affair with another guest, and later realizing the hosts were starting to shoot their overseers. Bringing us full circle, a Bengal tiger then chased her to the edge of the park (past security measures), and both ended up in the lake below.

It’s an interesting scene overall, complete with sitar versions of The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army,” elephants and a possible hint of Season 2’s endgame. As the woman sized up the man to wonder whether she’d been seduced by a host, he asks “Do you think the park would go to the trouble of having one of them pretend to be one of us?” She knowingly responds, “I wouldn’t put it past them.” Clues like anvils, yo.

Westworld Grace Katja Herbers

In any case, Entertainment Weekly identified the new park as “The Raj” (not Raj World). That leaves three parks unidentified, as the Westworld tie-in websites confirmed a total of six, including the main western park and Shogun World. The original 1974 film included Medieval and Roman worlds, while the 1976 sequel added Futureworld and the pleasant-sounding “Spaworld.” There’s no guarantee the remaining three adopt any of those, and at some point we should probably talk about the racial overtones coded into all of HBO’s parks.

Time will tell if Season 2 introduces us to all the other parks (if it even matters, at the rate Dolores’ rebellion is spreading), but expect a trip to “Shogun World” in a few weeks, and stay tuned for more on this week’s Westworld.

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