We all lose things. It's just human nature. But some things get lost WAY more often than others.

Keys. Keys seem to be at the top of the list. Lots of people lose those things on a daily basis. Yes, they are - arguably - the most important part of getting to work, considering that you can't start your vehicle without them, but we still lose them.

Pens. There's another one for you. You know why secretaries and other office people keep so many pens in jars right in front of their faces. Contrary to popular belief, it's not just because people walk off them, I don't think. I think it's because they get lost one way or another, and they want to make sure they have access to 5,642 other pens at any given moment.

Now, something that doesn't get lost quite as often? Cell phones. Why? It's hard to lose something that tends to be directly attached to your body for 18.5 hours a day, nonstop. Don't believe me? I bet half of you are actually reading this very article on your cellular device right now. No, it's not creepy that I know that, it's just common practice to be attached to the cell phones now.

So, what do you lose most often? Is it one of the things that I mentioned above? Or is it something else? Let us know, and in the near future, I'll give you an inside-look at things that tend to get lost around the station here.

HEY! Remember when we gave away those cool little finder tags? REMINDER, we've given these away already, but we can always order more. Wink wink wink (Was that too many winks?)


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