No, I didn't see a poisonous snake. I didn't see a big spider. I didn't see a reckless driver - I mean, yes, I did, but that's a daily occurrence. No, what I saw was something much smaller than those things.

What I just saw...Oh my goodness...

I just saw a...Lovebug. Write it down. Tuesday, April 28, 2020. The first sighting of love bugs in Deep East Texas.

Now, I can hear you now. "Mark, that's not a big deal." No, maybe it's not. However, it's enough to make me nervous. We are just now getting into warmer weather. I'm a huge fan of warmer weather. What I'm not a fan of is those nasty little bugs. Besides, isn't it too early for them?

Anyway, yes, that's what I saw. I don't know what this might mean for us here in Deep East Texas. It just raises a whole bunch of questions. Questions like:

  • Will there be more love bugs this year?
  • Will there be less love bugs this year?
  • Are we about to see those massive swarms of them?
  • Will the carwashes be open for me to wash them off of my truck?

You know, big important questions like these are the ones that are starting to form in my head.

It's definitely something that I'm going to have to research. I mean, I'm hoping that the one that I saw today will be the only one this year! Yes, I know that's unrealistic, but hey, a guy can hope and dream, right?

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