Things are starting to really open back up more and more each day. We can now go to the barber shops to get a haircut, to the gym to work out, we can sit down INSIDE restaurants to enjoy meals - as long as social-distancing protocols are followed. These are simple things that we are enjoying as they come back, and we are so excited to actually have them again. But, we have to admit, they are different than they were to begin with.

Most people that I've spoken to tend to believe that we won't see things go back exactly as they were. Most aren't really sure what things will be like, now that the COVID-19 pandemic has come through. They aren't sure what normal will look like.

So now the question now becomes...what will the "new normal" look like, especially here in our Deep East Texas area?

Will we see restaurants filled to capacity again? Will we see movie theaters full of people again? Will we be able to go to the store without seeing any facemasks? Will we be able to buy hand sanitizer by the bulk? Will we see meat prices go down? What about sports? Will there be sold out sports venues again, or will there be small crowd sizes that don't fill the stadiums? Will distance learning, and/or virtual classrooms become the new normal for students?

None of these questions were asked to frighten you, or even to make you nervous. They were just asked, because I'm one of those guys that's genuinely curious. What do you think the "new normal" will look like here?

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