How many times have you heard somebody drone on with the thought, "I just need another hour in the day...."  We all try to cram so much into a 24-hour period there's just not enough time for all of it.  And the lack of an extra hour comes in as a handy excuse for missing something!

So if you had ONE extra hour in the day, how would you use it?  Head for Lake Sam Rayburn?  Go look at animals at Ellen Trout Zoo?  Sleep?

A national company called Ginger Consulting posed the question to women between the ages of 21 and 60, and here's what they said they would do with the extra hour:

Sleep – 24 percent
Exercise – 14 percent
Spend it with a partner- 12 percent
Have sex – 6 percent
Spend it with kids – 6 percent
Spend it with friends – 2 percent

The survey also asked what they want most from their guy, and it may not be the same thing guys are thinking.  Women just want their man to clean the house of clutter.  In other words, pick up your own socks and don't drag grass clippings inside!  Then maybe we'll get to one of those other quality activities on the list.

I don't think Congress or God has plans to put 25 hours in our day, so we'll have to make due with plain ole 24.  And we'll keep sacrificing sleep, so we can make room for work and more play.

Have a great summer!

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