It was Bealls, and then in 2013 it changed to Stage at 4919 North Street in Nacogdoches. This is the strip shopping center right across the street from the 'big' Wal-Mart.

Stage closed all of their stores during the height of the pandemic. They closed this one in Nacogdoches in September of 2020.

The building has been vacant since then as far as I know. Now there is activity in that area, and something is coming, but what?

What Could It Be? 

This one is a long shot, and a bit of conjecture. There was a Bealls at that location, so they are aware of it's existence.

Bealls is now called Bealls Outlet. The same company owns Burkes Outlet, and  there is one in Lufkin, but not in Nacogdoches.

The more I look into it, the more plausible it seems. There could be a Burkes Outlet in Nacogdoches' future.

There Is A Lot To Do

This entire building is being taken to the studs. Even the floor has been taken down to concrete.

The building permit shows the scope of work that will be done. They are doing a complete interior remodel along with all of the electric and plumbing.

In the pictures below you can see what looks like sheet rock stacked up ready to go on the walls. There was also a big construction trailer covering up the main entrance.

Who Owns This?

PPS is the name of the company that owns the building. I looked into that company, and from what I can tell, they don't actually own retail stores.

It could be the same company that owns the entire strip, but that is unlikely in my opinion.

Do you know the answers to all these questions? You can always let me know here on the station app. Email me at

Mark Cunningham
Mark Cunningham
Mark Cunningham

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