Over the past few years, we've seen the University Mall in Nacogdoches take some pretty big hits.

Several years ago, it lost Bealls, Foot Locker, and Waldenbooks. Since then, it's lost a jewelry store, Claire's, and JC Penney. Most recently - currently closing across the nation actually - is Payless Shoe Store. And, among all of these, there have been several other small stores that have come and gone in the mall.

My question is: What's next for the University Mall? There haven't been all bad things for it. They have added Ollie's Bargain Outlet that is in the old JC Penney location. Plus, the Belk and Hibbett Sports both seem to be doing pretty well, and have done fairly well over the years. And, we can't forget about Mr. T's Sandwiches and Pho. Also, Bath and Body Works and Decades are both still consistent shops in there.

But, my question still stands: What's next? I'm legitimately curious. Are there any prospects of new shops coming in? Or, is the mall just going to cruise with what they've currently got?

We'd also like to hear your thoughts on this. Let us know in the comments below!


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