Texas didn't make the Top 10 on the list of bucket list states to visit, but it got me thinking about the big secrets that East Texas does offer, and I have to ask.  What's the one thing that's a must-do for visitors in Lufkin?

Hawaii is the #1 destination that people want to visit before they die, and Alaska, California, Arizona, Nevada, and New York are next.  Apparently those folks who answered the survey have never been to the East Texas State Fair!  We love the rides and games and food on a stick.

What else should we be showing off in East Texas?

Trip Advisor says these are some of Lufkin's highlights:

Ellen Trout Zoo

Texas Forestry Museum

Naranjo Museum of Natural History

Ratcliff Lake

Pines Theater

What would you add?  Hawaii is great and all, but we might as well make the most of East Texas while we're here.  We might see you at some of these places this weekend.

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