Men's Health recently graded cities in terms of health, quality of life and fitness, and most Texas cities ended up in the middle of the pack in the Top 100.

One Texas city ranked in the Top 10 for men's health, due in part to the fact that the city installed red light cameras, and reduced the number of accidents it was seeing on a yearly basis. Guys in this city also hit the gym regularly.

Plano, TX, just north of Dallas, ranks 4th best in the country for men's health.

Here's the complete list, just in case you're thinking about moving. Next to each city, we've posted the grades given by Men's Health.

The Top 10:

1. Boise, Idaho--A-/A-/B+

2. San Jose, California--A+/ C/A

3. San Francisco, California--A-/C+/A

4. Plano, Texas--A+/C+/B

5. Seattle, Washington--A+/C-/A-

6. Burlington, Vermont--A+/A-/C

7. Austin, Texas--B-/BA+

8. Salt Lake City, Utah--A+/C/B

9. Madison, Wisconsin--B+/A-/B-

10. Portland, Oregon--B+/C+/B+

Props to Austin too for landing on the list. What about Houston? Well, it was middle-of-the-pack for our neighbors to the south. Houston landed at #48, in between Los Angeles and Anchorage, Alaska.

The rankings also take things into account like air quality, crime, commute times, and the ratio of single men to single women. Based on that, here's where you don't want to be.

The bottom Ten:

90 Jackson, MS
91 Tulsa, OK
92 Detroit, MI
93 Columbia, SC
94 Cleveland, OH
95 Memphis, TN
96 St. Louis, MO
97 Toledo, OH
98 Charleston, WV
99 Philadelphia, PA
100 Birmingham, AL

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