Men's Health Magazine ranks cities in the US and has come up with a list of the least and the most active.  One Texas city made the list of the laziest cities, because the activity level of guys is fairly low.

Can we blame the heat?  That encourages all of us to stay indoors and sit on the couch with a beer and some french fries.
Men's Health says the laziest cities, the capitols of sloth, those whose men would rather stay inside and eat chips and watch golf all day include:  Charleston, West Virginia; Nashville, Tennessee; Columbia, South Carolina; Birmingham, Alabama; and Lexington, Kentucky.  Corpus Christi ranked #92, or in other words, near the bottom of the top 100 most active cities.  A capitol of sloth!
The Texas city that says "heat be darned" and has plenty to do outdoors all year long, is Austin at #16.  That was the best in Texas.  Houston was #62, and Dallas ranked 79th...not great in terms of peak outdoor activity according to Men's Health
Closer to home, we're not going to let the summer go by without spending time at Lake Sam Rayburn.  We're outside plenty.  But Men's Health didn't ask us.  Grab your fishing pole and a frosty beverage and we'll see ya at the lake!