Recently we asked you if you liked waiting in line for your kids to get out of school. Many of you probably think that's a stupid question, but it turns out there are some people that really enjoy that chunk of the day when they have to wait almost an hour to pick their kids up.

Here's the post;

We're not sure if you can see all the comments, and a few people used explicit language in their extreme protest against the wait. I guess it depends on your car, because if your AC isn't working properly, this Texas heat can be a killer.

What's funny is, the people that hated the wait, pretty much all gave a reason. The folks that DID say they enjoyed the wait only said just that ... "Yes, I do like it."

Kinda weird right? Nobody followed up with what they were doing in that time. I'm going to assume they're reading books or playing on Facebook, but one thing is for sure. We are definitely divided on this particular issue.

Anyway, if you didn't answer the question when it first popped up, here's your chance to tip the scales. Leave a comment on whether or not you like the wait or hate the wait.

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