Alright, rant time again...

It's so awesome to me to see all of the new businesses that are making their way into Nacogdoches. We've got a Buffalo Wild Wings on the way, an unknown restaurant that will be opening up in the old Barnhill's location on North Street, FROGS is back in, and  the list goes on.

However, there's one restaurant that still hasn't made it's way (back) to Nac yet. I'm talking about a Waffle House.

We had one once! It was located on South Street over where they are now doing all the road work for the new flyover. It's been closed for quite a few years now. I think that the latest business to take its place is the new Taco Bell location.

Now, it's time to talk about it coming back. There's no shortage of locations for it. In fact, some people are calling for it to take over the old Long John Silvers location. This is place I'm talking about:

via Google Maps
via Google Maps

Not a bad idea, I think.

So, there's the question. Why does Nacogdoches not have one of these yet? Or, more accurately: Why doesn't Nacogdoches have one of these, AGAIN?

What are your thoughts on this? Yea, or nay? Let us know in the comment section below!

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