There's a new Texas bill on an Austin desk waiting to be signed, and it's sure not to be sitting pretty with those that may need unemployment benefits in the future.

The sponsor of the bill, Senator Tommy Williams, is proposing that those individuals seeking unemployment, should be required to undergo mandatory drug testing prior to reaping the "benefits".

Williams insists that this will insure a competent workforce, but Senator Wendy Davis, who herself filed for unemployment benefits some thirty years ago after losing her job, inferred that public humiliation should not be brought against those whom are deserved of the lay-off cash.

So, it's not law yet, but the way government intrusion is rearing its ugly head, and because I'm a bettin' man, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if this law passed.  Then, somebody can write an extension to the bill, admonishing those gulping down sugary soda drinks.  Kind of like what the Mayor of New York had in mind.