At the moment, everything in the sports world is up in the air. The NBA and MLB have drastically shortened their season schedules, and they're playing in front of completely empty stadiums. The NFL is currently looking at doing something similar for their upcoming season.

And, things are also changing in the college sports world, too. Earlier today, it was announced by ESPN - and several other sources that the Big Ten would be postponing their fall football season for all of the schools that are part of their conference. They will be attempting to move their games to the fall. There are several other conferences that are still discussing what to do in the fall, as well.

So, that brings us to the local front...what will our very own Stephen F. Austin State University be doing for their fall football season? Granted, SFA does not have the following that universities such as Texas A&M, LSU, UT or other big name schools have, but it does still have an NCAA football team that plays every year.

So, what's next for SFA? At the time of writing this, no announcements have been made. We're going to keep an eye on it to see what the response will be. But, we're also keeping an eye on them to see what other things might change in the fall. I mean, football isn't the only sport that's going on that might be affected. There's women and men's basketball, women's soccer, and other sports that usually take place in the fall. We're curious about their fate, too.

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