With summer right around the corner, you're going to need something to keep those beverages and snacks cool. And we've got just the thing for that!

We've team up with McWilliams and Son Heating and Air Conditioning to give away a Marshall compact mini-fridge that looks just like a Marshall amp. This is the perfect addition to any classic rock buffs man-cave.


It looks exactly like an amp, but functions as a refrigerator. That way, you can have it among your Lynyrd Skynyrd posters, your Guns N' Roses drumsticks, your KISS cardboard cutouts, and all of your other classic rock paraphernalia, and it fits right in.

To get entered to win this awesome giveaway, go to Q1077.com and click on "Marshall Amp Mini Fridge" on the trending bar. From there, you can earn up to 40 total entries towards winning the fridge for doing simple things like visiting our Facebook page, following us on Twitter, and things of that nature.

Like I said, this is the perfect addition to the classic rock man-cave, and especially with summer right around the corner.

Go to Q1077.com and get entered to win today!


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