It's a family tradition for many of us to decorate pumpkins. We love to get some nice big pumpkins, and carve them up on the dining room table. Some people skip the messy carving, and get right to the decorating. Back then, the only way people got to see them, was in person. Now with social media, everyone can see your hard work.

Angelina Beautiful/Clean is taking this one step further, and turning it into a contest. This is a social media based pumpkin decorating contest. So it couldn't be safer during this pandemic. We get to be the judges, and competitors. You can decorate your pumpkin to promote your business, event, or just be creative for the fun of it. Carve it, use props, paint it, whatever you want. They are really looking for creativity.

To participate just submit a photo of your completed pumpkin to The photos you and other send in will be posted on AB/C's Facebook page on October 27th. Tell your friends and family to go to the ABC facebook page and smash that like button for your pumpkin. That's how you vote. The submission with the most likes by Friday October 30th, 2020 wins. The winner gets a Fall swag bag full of Autumn goodies.

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It's just a $10 donation to AB/C for individuals and $30 for businesses to participate. The donation will go towards all the great things that Angelina Beautiful/Clean does to beautify our area. If you have any questions, like how do you make your donation, you can call Emily Thorton at 936-632-5326 or just email her at

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