Thinking about that future medical procedure with the same fear as skydiving for the very first time?  Well, the future of surgery has just hit "cutting" (pardon the pun) edge.

Woodland Heights Medical Center recently unveiled its secret weapon in minimizing body invasion, and having it available in East Texas means less trauma, fewer days in the hospital, and a reduction of infection risk.

Meet the "daVinci® Robotic Surgical System".  Instead of making an incision equivalent to slicing open a watermelon, "daVinci" makes a much smaller pinpoint "cut", and with the guidance of the robotic arms, the surgeon is allowed to see greater detail and work more intricately, in a 3-D environment .  Incredible!

In case you missed the "daVinci" introduction at their public open house on August 13, Woodland Heights Medical Center will be happy to give you another chance in the event you need to have a surgical procedure performed  --  where you are guaranteed to be in "Good Hands".

Here's how it works: