If you're involved in our Pro Pick 'Em contest in any way, chances are you're beating me.  Bad. And I don't mind one bit, because I want you to win big prizes.

That said, I didn't think I would perform quite this pitifully!  I blame the Saints.

New Orleans hasn't won one game yet this season, and I am kind of a homer and had them picked to win all of their games so far.  Whoops.  And the Cowboys lost their opener, which made me lose confidence in them and start picking against them, and then they got it together and rattled off all those consecutive wins.  Clearly the poor picks are not my fault.

Since you're doing much better than I am, you might be scoring some great weekly prizes, and you might win the $10,000 at the end.  Awesome.  Just get this week's predictions in before the Thursday night came and watch your wins continue to stack up.

The Cowboys are hosting the Bengals this week.  The Texans are at the Vikings.  And the Saints are off so they won't lose.  Cowboys win?  Texans lose?  You decide.  And good luck.

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