So 2020 gave us a pandemic to test our patience and our lack of survival skills, a.k.a. toilet paper shortage. Well, 2021 has decided to up the ante and give us zombies. Yes, our world could turn into a real episode of The Walking Dead. This information comes from the great predictor Nostradamus who has a seventy percent accuracy rate with his worldly predictions. This has also caused the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to put together a preparedness plan just in case.

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Let's talk about that zombie apocalypse first. It has been deciphered from the clues left by Nostradamus that some time this year (2021) a Russian scientist will create a biological weapon and virus that can turn us into zombies. This sounds kinda familiar. The leading conspiracy theory is that a lab in China created COVID-19 in late 2019 and accidently released it into the world. Is this particular zombie apocalypse theory reliable? Could be.

As far as the CDC is concerned, they want us to be prepared for anything. So much so that they have a page on their website dedicated to "Zombie Preparedness." You can find that page at The page contains a Zombie Preparedness Blog which has the lore behind zombies, a list of essential items to have on hand just in case of a zombie apocalypse, or any natural disaster, how the CDC would investigate the zombie crisis and more.

There are other links for educators, posters, a graphic novel and social media links. The poster actually looks pretty cool.

So I guess the only thing left to do is to figure out who you will be during the zombie  apocalypse, Negan, Darryl, The Governor, Rick, Glenn, Michonne, Morgan or another of your favorite characters. Personally, I'd be a Glenn or an Abraham. We survived 2020, here's to surviving 2021.

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