There's a so-so, quasi, used, already done, coming around the block again scam, and East Texans seeking work should be wary of the unwanted intruder, and escort it away swiftly and quickly.

Work-at-home opportunities may sound like just the thing to do until an eight to five day is in your employment future, but responding to a "blind" ad could be dangerous to your credibility.

In this particular scam, after you have submitted your name, address and telephone number via Resume, the bogus company seeks additional personal data from you in order to qualify their hiring decision.

Once on the payroll, you are directed to carefully follow detailed instructions.  In one instance, the new hire was sent a "package" containing a check to be cashed, and was told to keep 10% of the funds while wiring the rest back to the company.  The 10% being compensation for "evaluating the customer service experience of the wire service".

Of course, the check bounces, and then the financial institution takes 100% of their money back by debiting directly from the account of the account holder.

Your career as an "evaluator" comes to a screeching halt, and now you need two full-time jobs for six years to make up for the loss.

We've all heard it before.  "If it's too good to be true, it probably is (too good to be true)".  East Texans beware.

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