Hard to believe we lost Dennis Farina yesterday.  One of the finest character actors to appear on television.

You may remember Farina for his guest appearances on L.A. Law.  The man was incredibly believable in his role as police detective Joe Fontana, and was one guy that I would not want asking me questions about a crime.

About the only downfall in Farina's career was that of being typecast as cop, mobster, or even "the heavy", but sources say that he never complained about having the gift of acting.

Farina films included "Saving Private Ryan" (as Army Lieutenant Colonel Walter Anderson), "Striking Distance", opposite Bruce Willis and Sarah Jessica Parker, as well as co-starring with The Divine Miss M (Bette Middler) in "That Old Feeling".

Five years ago Farina took over where Robert Stack left off in 1997, by hosting the once famous crime detective documentary, "Unsolved Mysteries" (Stack died in 2003).

Dennis Farina only got to celebrate his birthday every four years because he was born on February 29.

Farina's death was attributed to a blood clot in the lung.  He was only 69 years old when he died on July 22.