For those of us oldsters, not only was "groovy", "right on" , and "far out" part of our early vernacular, but yet another phrase that comes to mind, that today is considered passe, is "lounge act".

She was one of the very few who could wear cosmetic surgery to perfection, and for my parents 20th wedding anniversary, sis and I got them a pair of tickets to see Phyllis Diller.  Of course, we went along to the show as special guests.

Diller had a unique "dry" style of humor that wasn't for everyone's taste, but as a human being, you never heard a bad word about a wonderfully gracious comedienne.

Her career spanned 50 years to the date, where radio was her original outlet of funny.  When she made the seamless transition to television, she helped boost the ratings of "Laugh-In" with her frequent appearances.

Her big screen claim to fame was playing the sassy nightclub hostess "Texas Guinan" in the blockbuster film Splendor in the Grass.

Bob Hope had her appear on many of his television specials, and she toured with him in Vietnam as part of his USO tour.

Watch reruns of "Love, American Style", and I swear you could see her in every third episode.

According to preliminary reports, Phyllis Diller died peacefully - in her sleep - at age 95.