If you work out and eat right, good for you! Not everyone in East Texas is following your lead.

Overall, East Texas ranks low on a new report by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Which East Texas county is the healthiest?

Smith County ranked the highest of any other counties in East Texas, coming in at #65 out of 221 counties in Texas. Smith County is surrounded by other East Texas counties that ranked in the bottom third for health.

Health factors like adult smoking, adult obesity and physical inactivity were used to come up with the rankings, along with access to healthcare.

Rusk County ranked #145, Cherokee #174, Angelina #177, and Nacogdoches ranked #185 in terms of overall heath.

With Smith County head and shoulders above other East Texas counties, what gets the credit? Some say the Fit City Tyler initiative has led to a more health conscious attitude, and other East Texas cities may look to implement something similar to encourage people to get active and eat healthy.

The healthiest counties are in the Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin metro areas, and they have plenty of ice cream stores and donut shops. What gives? Apparently we just need to work out a little harder, or at least take those darn stairs.