Her roles included that of a waitress in 1971's "The Last Picture Show", the companion of a con man in 1973's "The Sting", and in 1985's "Clue", she was Mrs. Peacock.

Most of us, however, will remember Eileen Brennan as that overbearing, sassy and smug character from "Private Benjamin" (1980).  Often on par with, and having a similar disposition as that of Sgt. Carter from "Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C.", Brennan received a supporting actress Emmy for her role as Capt. Doreen Lewis.

If you looked hard enough, Brennan could also be found on a handful of T.V. shows as well.  Those included "ER", "Mad About You", "Touched By An Angel", and "All In The Family".

After "Benjamin", Brennan's life took a turn for the worse.  Shortly after the blockbuster flick, in 1982, Brennan was struck by a car as she left a restaurant with co-star Goldie Hawn.  She suffered broken bones in her face and busted both legs, and endured a handful of other medical setbacks that ended up with her spending time at the Betty Ford Clinic - addicted to pain killing drugs.

In the '90's, she battled - then conquered - breast cancer.  But after two decades in remission, cancer returned, and ultimately got even.

You can catch Brennan at around 2:50 of the video:

Eileen Brennan passed away on July 28 at the age of 80 years old.