Nothing like starting a brand new spankin' career after fulfilling a whirlwind dream of playing college football at Texas A&M, before hitting the pro gridiron in the Windy City as a Chicago Bear.

Of course, without plausible intervention, one might find himself lost in the "Real World" of employment , and that appears to be just what happened to yet, another former NFL player.

Out for kicks on Tuesday morning (around 2 a.m.) in Duncanville, Texas, the glory days of playing for a franchise that gave sport fanatics the likes of Gale Sayers and Walter Payton, were obviously far removed from the mind of 44 year old Darren Lewis.

Unless working an overnight shift, most of us are in a deep layer of "dreams" at about the same time Lewis was shooting a clerk after robbing a 7-11.  I'm guessing the Lewis defense will be that he was mentally incapacitated after taking so many head blows, causing severe concussion like symptoms that affected his ability to reason.

Maybe he could have called some buddies to "huddle up" with, and have one of them toss him the pigskin after "going long".

Lewis faces a host of charges, and could be sent to the Pokey for a long time, if celebrity doesn't get in the way.  Meanwhile, he's OUT ON BAIL - and it wasn't cheap.  So, did he really need the cash from the crime, or did he get the open door because he's still got some stash left over from his football salary.

I don't like the fact a judge ordered bond for someone being charged with aggravated robbery, resisting arrest, and possibly attempted murder; especially someone that didn't hesitate to USE his weapon.  Further, can anyone say Flight Risk?

I say NO BAIL, but what do I know.  I'm just a law abiding citizen hoping not to run into this star when he attempts the "flea flicker" for the third time.