When you think of crime, the weapon of choice is typically gun and knife, right?  Think again.  Most specifically the next time you find yourself alone on the street.  A robbery in Ft. Worth has many people, myself included, wondering if this was just a one time event.

As a big fan of "Dragnet", I remember watching a 1967 episode about purse snatching pooches, where Friday and Gannon became perplexed over different canine culprits, so if you have at least a thirty minute lunch break, I've attached the video of the episode.

In the Ft. Worth incident a gun was initially brandished, then after the thugs slugged their target, their secret accomplice - a pit bull - took a bite out of the victim.

Which dark outcome would you prefer?  Being robbed at gunpoint, or being attacked by a dog with a bad reputation.

My own personal poll inside the building has the gun yielding maniac in the lead at 70%.  You may get little mercy from the bandit in hopes that some (in)human element is involved in the decision making of your life, but without a command to "let go", the four legged strike could prove fatal.

Now, I can only speak for the dog bite side, because at seven years old, "Hoss", the neighborhood Great Dane, that wouldn't hurt a fly, clamped down on my body, then proceeded to drag me about 30 yards, before being commanded to "let go".

In conclusion, just another preventative step in our daily lives.  Now, if we could only get the cell phone chatterers to put down their phones while "driving" behind you.  Remember, if you can't see the tires in your rear view mirror, they are too close!