Here I thought California was at the forefront of legislation, taking the first stand, passing a law, then disbursing their decision to the other 49 states to be voted on.

Uh, don't tell that to Governor Perry here in Texas.

The bigger concern though, is my not having any idea that "Christmas", or the terminology anyway, was not allowed in schools.  When did this happen, and why?

Some will say Mr. Perry is turning back the clock to a more simpler time in America, like when "Happy Days" was number one on television, where the real bikers knew that the Fonz was just acting, and the PTA (Parent-Teachers Association) didn't get bent out of shape because more kids started wearing leather jackets to high school.

On the flip side, since those celebrating Christmas beat out those who don't by a large margin, there are those folks that believe a neutral mention of the season is a far better representation to the masses.  Hence, the NOW version that dominates our vocabulary - holiday tree, or holiday season.

Governor Perry just signed a "Merry Christmas" bill protecting religious holiday celebration in public schools.  He further stated that "Religious freedom does not mean freedom from religion".  Translation, dust off the Nativity set.

Rumor has it that every Santa Claus in the nation attended the signing, along with several high school cheerleaders wearing t-shirts reading "I cheer for Jesus".

Now we will anxiously await to see how other states' Governor's respond to a landmark Texas sized decision.