You may not recognize the name Michael Clarke Duncan, but if you are familiar with the 1999 film "The Green Mile" starring Tom Hanks, you'll know Oscar nominated Duncan as playing the part of death row inmate "John Coffey".

He was a former bodyguard that didn't join the acting profession until he was in his thirties.  A big man, standing six foot four, he appeared on the surface to be a "tough customer", but to those on the inside, Duncan was a gentle giant able to pull off a variety of acting roles.

His resume included "Armageddon", "Planet of the Apes", "Breakfast of Champions", "Sin City", and "The Whole Nine Yards", amongst others.

He only had a minor part as a bouncer in "A Night at the Roxbury",  but to me, was one of the most humorous scenes of the movie, denying the Butabi brothers, played by Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan, entry into the famous Hollywood hot spot.

He also possessed that deep gravelly voice that made him a voice-over star as well.

Sadly, Duncan never fully recovered from a heart attack he suffered on July 13, and was only 54 years old when he died on September 3.