Hopefully you had a nice, safe shopping weekend and you didn't end up in a brawl over the hottest toy or a flat screen TV. How much did you spend?

Overall, shoppers in the US spent $11.4 billion on Black Friday, and $52 billion over the holiday weekend. That amount is hard to wrap your brain around. But here's something that allows you to see where you fit in with the rest of the country...

The National Retail Federation says the average shopper spent $398 over the three day shopping weekend. Did you spend it on one flat screen? On several little gift sets containing hot chocolate mugs and mixes, and screwdrivers and pocket knives? Something tells us that won't be the end, and the shopping tallies are continuing to ring up.

The holiday shopping season has just begun. Good luck! Shopping on Cyber Monday is much safer - no crowds to fight. Sorry boss, not a lot of work getting done today.