OK, we've all heard of Vitamin water, Gatorade and Powerade, right? But the bottled water craze has finally “jumped the shark” with new MeatWater.  Meat flavored water, seriously?

Hopefully Taco Bell isn't involved in this campaign...

I love meat, give me a good steak or a BBQ pulled-pork sandwich anytime, but this does not even remotely sound good.  I know it's supposed to be like a liquid meal, but there's no way I'd ever take that route, even if it's supposedly "healthier". I have a feeling MeatWater won’t be around for very long...

Would you ever try it?

New Yorker Till Krautkraemer is the founder of MeatWater, a beverage company that creates hearty — and obviously meaty — meal supplement drinks in highly unusual flavors like cheeseburger, barbecued chicken wings and Italian sausage.

To ring in the new year and toast to a healthier lifestyle, Krautkraemer has just released four new offbeat offerings that are vegan-friendly and devoid of animal byproducts.

Weird beverage line MeatWater has just released four new flavors for the health-conscious consumer: poached salmon salad, seen here, grilled chicken salad, beef salad and shrimp salad.

Here's an ad I found on YouTube: