Comedy Central has announced part of its lineup for the Charlie Sheen Roast coming up in September.  Seriously?  Mike Tyson?

The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen will be taped September 10th, to air September 19th.  Harvey Levin has the TMZ gossip website, and he's on the list of those who will take the stage.  He could just read from the pages of TMZ's site.

Also getting ready to take some shots - Jackass star Steve-O, comedian Anthony Jeselnik, and the heavyweight boxing champ with a spot-on cameo in The Hangover, Mike Tyson.

The network previously announced Comedy Central's "Roastmaster General" as Jeffrey Ross, and the event will be emceed by Roast Master Seth MacFarlane.

Other celebrities will be named in the days to come.   What about Ashton Kutcher?  Doubtful.