We all hear in the news about the "war on drugs", but according to the last 15 or so stories I've paid attention to, according to the experts (?), it's a losing battle.  But, sometimes, just the greatest simplicity makes overwhelming sense, and although the mildest of dents in the cause, it can be rewarding when the result is mainly positive.

On April 28th, residents of Angelina County, with assistance from the DEA, took part in prescription medication disposal day.  The total number of  'poundage' collected at the Lufkin police department was close to 500!

Being the only site collection within a radius of 125 miles, Angelina Beautiful/Clean Director, Amanda Anderson, said she "...was very proud to offer this free service to the residents of East Texas."  Also participating in the event, Abeldt's Pharmacy, The Coalition and Angelina County.