Worst. Swing. EVER! [VIDEO]
Alright, now by no means do I consider myself P.G.A. material, but whenever I need a little boost of confidence for my golf game, I have to look no further than Sir Charles.
Blake Griffin Is A Beast [VIDEO]
Phoenix Suns' head coach Alvin Gentry labeled the dunk Los Angeles Clippers' rookie Blake Griffin threw down over Suns' center Marcin Gortat on Sunday as "impressive of a dunk as I have seen in the NBA in 23 years."
Unfortunately for Griffin, the dunk didn't count, since he was called for a…
Miami Heat Players Cry After Another Loss [VIDEO]
When LeBron James packed up his belongings and moved to Miami, I hope he didn't forget to bring tissues.
The Miami Heat suffered their fourth devastating loss in a row on Sunday night against the Chicago Bulls, with an extremely close score of 87-86. But it's not only their loss that gaining media at…
2011 Slam Dunk Contest Highlights [VIDEO]
Did you watch the All-Star game and the dunk contest this weekend? Impressive!
Here are some highlights from Saturday night's slam dunk contest, where Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers defeated JaVale McGee with 68% of the votes.
NBA All-Star Game
A gallery featuring some of the highlights of Sunday's NBA All-Star Game. The West, led by Kobe Bryant won 148-143 against the Lebron James-led East team. With approximately 9.1 million viewers, it was the highest rated NBA All-Star Game since 2003, when Michael Jordan made his last appearance.…
LeBron James’s New Show [VIDEO]
When celebrities want to extend their 15 minutes of fame, most of them usually get their own reality show, where cameras follow them around on a day-to-day basis to capture how they live their lives (like the Kardashians, Kendra, Jersey Shore, etc.)
However, it looks like basketball superstar LeBron …
Crazy Sports Fanatics
It takes a lot of thought, preparation and commitment to be the ultimate sports fan. Here's a look at some of the wackiest costumes in the stands. I wonder what these people are like outside of the arena?