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State Fair Foods Are Coming to Wal-Mart
Soon you'll be able to get some deep-fried Twinkies while you're picking up a Snuggie and a car battery.
Wal-Mart is adding a new restaurant inside the Lufkin store, and it's inspired by State Fair Foods.  Even fried meatloaf!
State Fair May Include Fried Jello This Year
If your year just wouldn't be complete without a funnel cake sundae or some deep fried jello, you may have the chance to gorge yourself at the State Fair of Texas in a few weeks.
They'll announce Big Tex Choice semi-finalists in August, and the winner will be included as a ne…
State Fair of Texas Announces Food Finalists
One thing is for sure at the State Fair of Texas.  There will be no shortage of calories, and deep fried things on a stick.
The State Fair announced the finalists this week for the Big Tex Choice Awards, which picks the best-tasting new inventions that will be available at the State Fair th…
Texans Break World Record With Frito Pie
I have to admit, I didn’t try the delicacy that is Frito pie until I moved to Texas. Growing up in Nebraska we sometimes mixed chili, cheese, and saltine crackers together, but the genius of replacing the Saltines with Fritos just didn’t occur to us.
Texans are onto something! Frito Pie is delicious,…