Early Voting Begins Today
Let your opinion be known!
Early voting starts today and runs through next Friday, February 28th.
And when you go to the polls, you'll have to have a valid ID, because of the voter ID law that was recently passed.  What counts as a valid ID?
Things I Learned at Early Voting Today
Early voting started Monday in Texas and runs through next week. Have you voted yet, or are you waiting until November 6th?
I voted earlier today and I thought I’d pass along some of the things either I learned for the first time, or that were reaffirmed to me.
Texas ‘Voter ID Law’ Ruffling Feathers [VIDEO]
About 30 years ago in the building of another radio station, one my colleagues asked  for my opinion on then prez Jimmy Carter.  Knowing absolutely nothing about politics, I could hear my "Poli-Sci" teacher saying "...never discuss religion or politics at work".
Today, I know even…