Without checking the Internet, do you happen to remember who was selected as the second overall pick in the 1998 NFL draft?

How about a few hints - disaster, drugs and jail?  Definitely a "Jeopardy" question, huh?

Ryan has spent more time in the limelight for his criminal behavior than he ever did as a quarterback in both college and the pros.

Today he resides in Montana serving out a lengthy probationary sentence brokered by a Texas lawyer.  But, it will be up to a Texas judge to determine if Leaf is to be extradited back here to serve time.

This all stems from an April 2012 Texas incident in which Leaf was found guilty of burglary and drug possession, and subsequently ordered to serve ten years probation, but then the dork got arrested in Montana for stealing narcotics from private residences.

Texas, as you can imagine, was none too pleased with Mr. Leaf's action, and declared him a fugitive from justice, because he violated his probation when he became a repeat offender.

Fast forward to the present.  The judge that will determine Leaf's fate must consider the travel expense and incarceration dollars to be spent on Ryan, in the event a Texas jail should be his future home.

Keep him in Montana, I say.  Let "those guys" - foot the bill - for the fallen football player.