It could be a matter of what women DON'T want. We're always looking out for ya fellas, so here's some advice on what not to do today.

Don't propose! It's too cliche to do it today. Pop the question when we least expect it. It's much more romantic that way.

And you might want to skip the flowers and chocolate too. Most women say they prefer something more thoughtful. A new survey by the social network says that's cliche too. So what in the world CAN you do? Most women say they love a sappy card. That's easy enough, right?

Additional findings according to Zoosk:

•72 percent of men and 58 percent of women say Valentine’s Day is perfectly suited for a first date. Now is the time to approach!

•49 percent of singles say the best aspect of being single on February 14 is that there is “No pressure. I don't have to plan anything, buy anything, or get dressed up.” Cool. It's always nice to save money.

At any rate, Happy Valentine's Day. We love you. If you hate this day of love and romance, then Happy Tuesday!