Texas doesn’t have bragging rights in terms of the biggest turkey-producing states, but it does produce its share.

Nine to ten million Texas turkeys are produced each year, and most of those come from Central and East-Central Texas, according to a map from Smithsonian Magazine.

Which state is the biggest turkey producer? I’ll give you the answer so you can impress your friends and family at the Thanksgiving feast today.

Minnesota has produced 46.6 million turkeys this year to lead all states.

If you’re having sweet potatoes today, there’s a good chance those came from Louisana. Our neighbors in Louisiana produced the third largest crop of sweet potatoes this year, next to North Carolina and California.

One final note, if you get drowsy this afternoon it may not be from the turkey. We’ve always heard a certain chemical in turkey makes us drowsy, but it may just be from the total carb overload! Recent studies show the enormous amount of carbs consumed at Thanksgiving dinners increase tryptophan in the brain and cause drowsiness. So it is food-related drowsiness, but it’s not necessarily from the bird.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

And go Cowboys! The Cowboys and Redskins kick off this afternoon around 3:15.