2017 is here, and I thought we should hold a worldwide intervention with each other to shut down some bad habits that started in past years.

Look, I'm not so cynical that I don't see the appeal in the occasional meme or internet challenge, but certain trends have run their course and it's time we let some things go.

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    Political Talk

    This one is a gimme since the election is finally over, but I feel like it needs to be said.

    Nothing you post on Facebook will change the things you're mad about.

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    Whip, Nae Nae, and the Dab

    If you're still incorporating any of these moves in your routine, or celebratory dances just ... no.

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    Staring At Your Phones

    I can be guilty of getting on my phone when in a long line or in a waiting room, but maybe I should change that.

    What ever happened to being bored, or sparking up a conversation with someone about the weather. It's awkward, uncomfortable, and maybe it's totally necessary for us to adapt as humans.

    This might be the hardest one to quit since many people don't see it as a problem, but if you would rather play with your phone than talk to your spouse or kids ... there might be a problem.

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    Talking About Your Diet

    Gluten Free Paleo Crash Diet

    Nobody cares what you're doing unless we can see the results ... in which case, we'll ask what you're doing.

    You can still let me know if they find that BBQ and Pizza have any secret weight-loss attributes.

    And while you're at it ... stop talking about other peoples' diets too.

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    Media Shaming

    I don't care what illegal ways you're getting to watch 'Hawaii 5-0' online. I refuse to break a law for 23 minutes of entertainment.

    Don't make fun of me because I still like cable. There's something magical about seeing your favorite movie is on TV without you having to type it into a search box.

    I'm old school, and I don't want to hear you bragging about how you pirated every episode of 'Downton Abbey.'