Pretty much all of us have our list of TV shows that we can sit and binge-watch for hours on end. There are dramas, comedies, and tons of others. We have our own list of what we enjoy.

I'm no exception to the binge-watching rule. I have my list of binge-worthy shows, too. There are series that I can watch on repeat. Which is why I've made the list below. These are the series that I would purchase...some of them I already have purchased.

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1. Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? That's right, the original, animated series. And this one even comes with a collectible carrying case! Definitely a must-have in my book.

2. Happy Days. Ahhh, the story of the Cunningham family - and the Fonz. Well, of course I'm going to go for this one! Why would I pass up the chance to have a series about a family with the same last name as me??? Plus, it brings a lot of laughs.

3. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. As a 90s kid, you should've known that I was going to have this one on my list. I mean, come on, the series that launched Will Smith's acting career? I can't pass that up.

4. Lost. Yes, I was - and am - a big fan of this one. Lost kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through the very last episode of season six. It's worth a few days of binge-watching, even when you know how it all ends.

5. WKRP In Cincinnati. Big surprise that the radio guy has this on his list of binge-watching, huh? But, that turkey episode is worth buying the whole series. So, just go ahead and get the whole series for ALL the laughs.

6. NCIS. You know I can't leave out the #1 TV drama. NCIS has it all. The mystery, the shootouts, the suspense, the laughs, and the list goes on. That's why they're still making new episodes.

7. JAG. And, if I've got to have NCIS, I have to be able to binge-watch the series that started it all off, right?

8. Justified. This is another series that really caught my attention, because it's got a little bit of everything, all wrapped up in a modern-day western story line. Raylan's witty one-liners, added to Art's sarcasm and Boyd's bluntness and way with words make this one binge-worthy everyday.

9. The Pink Panther. No, I'm not talking about the bumbling detective, live-action series (new and/or old). I'm talking about the original cartoon, complete with the pink cat. Always a classic, and always worth watching.

10. The Big Bang Theory. And, I wrap up my bing-watching list with one of the funniest - in my opinion - sitcoms that we've seen recently. Bazinga.

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