It doesn't matter what city you're in, because there's always little things that you probably shouldn't do. More often than not, the local residents know what things those are, because they've been there long enough to study up on these. So, being a resident of Nacogdoches myself, I decided to compile a list of things NOT to do.


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    Don't Wear Orange

    I don't care where in Nac you may find yourself, but you better not be found in orange attire. Sam Houston colors are not very welcome in Lumberjack territory. This was a fairly hard lesson for me, considering that before I went to SFA for college my high school color was orange.

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    Avoid North Street During Events

    Orientation, Parents' Weekend, Graduation, High School FFA Competition, etc. All of these spell disaster for a driver on North Street. I mean, come on, the road is small enough as it is. Let's add...I don't know...a few HUNDRED extra people and cars...

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    Don't Speed On The Loop (Or South Street)

    Yes, speeding is wrong. But just make sure that if you're on the loop, you're being EXTRA careful. DPS officers and Nacogdoches city police officers can always be found somewhere on Stallings Drive or South Street.

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