A 12-year old boy wanted to know which NFL team he should become a fan of so he wrote letters to every team to see if there were any takers, and only one NFL team wants him!  So far anyway.  

Cade Pope lives in Oklahoma, and there's no NFL team there so he doesn't have to worry about hometown loyalties.  He wrote a letter to all 32 teams asking them to help him decide which one would be best to commit to, and only the Carolina Panthers wrote back.  They said they'd be honored to have him as a fan, and said they'd work to make him proud.  Very impressive you Panthers!

But since the Seahawks knocked the Panthers out of the playoffs, perhaps he'll switch loyalties.  Seattle and Green Bay play Sunday afternoon at 2:05pm Central time.  The Patriots host the Colts Sunday at 5:40pm our time.  Winners to the Super Bowl!

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