We know homecoming in Texas is going to look a bit different this year. An East Texas woman thought to herself, if children have to wear masks at school anyway, we might as well Texas them up a bit. And what better way to do that this fall than with HOMECOMING MUM MASKS?! Ok, sorry for yelling, but yes, this is a thing and I'm all for it!

Shay Mueller of Rusk says she has been participating in the Texas tradition of homecoming mums for years and was recently laying in bed when it dawned on her to make mini-versions that could be attached to face masks.

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From the looks of it, Mueller is able to create just about any combination of school colors, bows, ribbon, bells - you name it - on a surgical mask. Creating the masks takes 3 days, and Mueller shared the results on Facebook to an overwhelming response.

Mueller, who's originally from Hallsville, told KTRK, that she recommends using the masks for photos, then keeping as a keepsake.

"I use non-toxic stuff to make sure it's safe," Mueller said. "I've had people on my post asking, 'How do you breathe?' and the (masks) are very light. They are breathable, but it's more for a novelty thing."

Mueller says she's received orders from Colorado to Florida, and is thankful for the amount of press she's gotten for her idea.

If you'd like to get an order in in time for homecoming next month, you can reach out to Mueller via her Facebook page!

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