Up until now, if a gun show was held at a venue that allows alcohol, drink sales were suspended during the show, but soon you may be browsing around at a gun show with a beer in hand, if you're so inclined.

There are many requirements that would have to be met before alcohol could be sold at a particular gun show.  Live ammunition would have to be absent, and the guns that are sold would have to be delivered outside the building, among other things.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission just announced the proposal Friday and has opened up a 30 day public comment period to share your thoughts, and the comment period ends Monday, September 8th.  Just go to the TABC website to offer your comments by email.  There's also a public hearing coming up in Austin on August 19th.

There's a Nacogdoches gun show coming up this weekend, and The Gun Show Minute says Nac is among the most popular places in Texas for gun shows.  Do you have an opinion on the potential TABC rules?