His career spans four decades, and when "School's Out" hit 93 KHJ in 1972, there were more than a few parents upset with the content of Alice Cooper's - later to be recognized - Top 10 (#7) chart smasher.

His real name is Vincent Damon Furnier, but that name was not going to sell lots of records.  In a stage show filled with fake blood, snakes, electric chairs, baby dolls, and guillotines, Alice Cooper set the course to define "garage rock", and to some extent, "grunge".

Today, he's 64 years young, and could it be the man referred by some as the "most beloved heavy metal entertainer", and 2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, be making up for all that early controversy?

Mr. Cooper, who has never been vocally shy, has come out urging children not to entertain themselves by watching reality television.  Why?  He simply states that children will aspire to fame rather than pursuing a rewarding career.

It's hard to look at that face though, and take the man seriously.  I would have hired "Pee Wee Herman" to do my speaking for me.