Lufkin, TX - An anonymous donor is at it once again, looking after valued East Texas wildlife.

A while back, we posted a story about an anonymous donor in the East Texas area that was looking out for the local wildlife, providing them with food that they otherwise might not have. To refresh your memory, here is a picture of how they made a difference here in this local community:


That's right, you are looking at a tortilla, strategically placed in a parking lot, so that the local bird population could have a decent meal. Somebody did that out of the kindness of their heart, just so the local Lufkin wildlife could have something to eat.

Now, it seems that our anonymous donor is on the move again, providing a more upscale delicacy for the animals. Don't believe me? See for yourself:



This is, in fact, a piece of fried shrimp. This kind, warm, generous soul is now providing seafood cuisine to the wildlife in our area! If this keeps up, what will be next? A hamburger? A pizza? A three-course meal, complete with salad, lobster, and creme brulee???

The possibilities are endless if this donor keeps going with their compassionate acts of kindness, and love, and...

Let's face it. You just spent a significant portion of your life reading about an old piece of shrimp that someone dropped in a parking lot. I'm pretty sure the person that dropped it wasn't thinking about the bird, squirrel, [insert animal here] that might get it.

You know what's even funnier? I bet you were the same people on the edge of your seat reading the original tortilla story...

But seriously ... what was this person thinking? Did they bite halfway into it and realize it wasn't fully cooked? Did a jerk friend slap it out of someone's hand right before it touched their lips?

There are still so many questions, and the answers to these questions may very well be the answers to the fabric of the universe itself.

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