When you were in school, did you always sit with the same group of kids at lunch? I remember sitting with different kids during elementary and middle school lunches, but by the time I reached high school I was in the habit of sitting with the same group every day.

In two weeks, students across East Texas and across the country will be encouraged to break the habits, and sit with kids they might not otherwise sit with. Click through to find out how to register your school, and let the world know your Lufkin, Nacogdoches, or other area school is taking part.

The day for “Mix It Up at Lunch” is October 30th, and it’s a program that was started 11 years ago as a way to get kids to mingle and break up cliques. The overall goal is to prevent bullying by having kids get to know one another better.

So far there are more than 2500 schools signed up across the country, including dozens in Texas and several in Austin and Dallas. East Texas is lookin’ kinda bare on the map, and it may be an issue of people just not knowing about the effort. If you feel so inclined, point your school to this page and get signed up! Tolerance.org is organizing the whole thing.

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