Kids may love it when East Texas gets sleet, ice, or snow, because it's usually a day off from school.  But what about Mom or Dad? They might have to be at work no matter what and cancellations throw a wrench into things.

I think about that a lot on bad weather days.  Kids are happy to stay in pajamas and fire up the Wii once they learn that school is out, but if Mom or Dad has a job that requires them to be there, what do they do?  Parents with hospital jobs can't just skip work if they have to start IVs or perform surgery.  And retail stores and restaurants usually try to open up and they need workers.  Oh, and it's hard to keep an accountant away from the office during tax season.

The grandparents and friends that inherit extra kids on bad weather days deserve a huge pat on the back and some big fuzzy slippers.  When daycares close, they're usually the ones that make it a hot-chocolate-movie-day so the parents can go to work.

More and more businesses are becoming mobile enough that employees can work from home on bad weather days if not regularly.  That's handy when the roads are bad.

Drive safely, and know it will be in the 60s by next week!

Drive safely

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