I'm a BIG movie trailer fan, so I found these television shows and movie trailer remixes on YouTube to be pretty funny. It's amazing what the magic of editing can do...

Ever wondered what Seinfeld would be like as an end-of-the-world conspiracy thriller? A YouTube user named TRMUS1C masterfully edited old episodes of the show into this fake trailer — turns out, the ever-popular "show about nothing" was really just a shade away from being the story of a Upper West Side comedian bent on taking over the world.

Luckily, TRMUS1C isn't the only one with the idea -- check out scary Mary Poppins (my favorite), a very touching Shining and Brokeback to the Future.


Scary Mary (Mary Poppins)

'The Shining' Romantic Comedy

Brokeback to the Future (Back to the Futures 1 -3)

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