Don't talk about this subject today with your co-workers if you're trying to get some work done. It might send people into a tizzy, and spark an office discussion that lasts a half hour or and takes a big chunk right out of your productivity.  Are women's sports "worth watching?"  One sports writer is in hot water for suggesting they're not.

Earlier this week, SI writer Andy Benoit tweeted a follow up to a previous post and said, "Not in soccer...women's sports in general are not worth watching."  The US Women's World Cup team advanced to the quarterfinals on Monday with a win over Columbia, and the tweet came around that time.

Then later he said, "Women are every bit as good as men in general, better in many aspects, their sports are just less entertaining.  TV ratings back that up btw."

Benoit deleted the tweets later, but the discussion continues.

When I was a high school volleyball and basketball player we had decent-sized crowds, but more fans always showed up for the boys' football and basketball games. It's just the way it was.  I would argue that it wasn't because the girls' games were "not worth watching."  There was plenty of support and we put in just as much practice time as the boys did, trying to become the best that we could be.

It's true that the largest fan bases in sports follow the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL - all male sports.  But does that mean that women's sports are "not worth watching?"

You go girls.  We'll be watching East Texas volleyball teams this fall, and cheering you on right along with those boys' football teams.  If you're doing the best that you can do and reaching your potential as an athlete, you've nailed the true spirit of the game.

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